What exactly is happening to the New York Eye and Ear infirmary?
What exactly is happening to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary?

Mount Sinai has plans to dismantle the NYEEI, breaking up crucial services and preventing the delivery of comprehensive services in one location harming both patients and medical professionals alike.


The NYEEI has contributed to the care of eye, ear, nose and throat conditions since the 19th Century. It should continue its cutting-edge research and treatment – an oasis of hope – for all patients seeking its services.

Where is the infirmary located?

14th St. and 2nd Ave.

When is the dismantlement going to happen?

Mount Sinai has been moving services off-site as some doctors have  already been told to leave their offices on the premises.Mount Sinai has been severely reducing its operating budget for NYEEI.

This has made it impossible for the remaining services to continue providing Mount Sinai with contrived excuses to dismantle the NYEEI.


The destructive impact of this monetarily driven plan will have a serious destructive effect on all – the community at large as well as national and international patients.

Make no mistake: this is a hospital closure without it being declared a hospital closure, reducing the number of hospital beds during a continuing pandemic. What makes this attempted closure more painful is the growing need for comprehensive eye, ear, nose and throat services.

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